Beijing Health Kit App Gets New Functions for Foreigners

The Beijing Health Kit app for foreigners has finally been updated to include QR code scanning and nucleic acid test confirmation – features that have been available in the Chinese version of the app for weeks.

Beijingers have been relying on the Beijing Health Kit app (健康宝) to enter venues, shopping malls, neighborhoods, workplaces, and other public areas since the pandemic took hold of the city earlier this year. However, an update to the standard health kit meant to make the registration process smoother by foregoing the manual sign-in process ended up complicating things for foreigners, who were unable to use the function.

Finally, over the weekend an updated version was released allowing expats to use the scanning function to prove their health status. Simply click on the button that says: “Scan the QR Code to Register” and scan any health kit QR code around town. Your health status will pop up after scanning successfully.Can’t believe we were reduced to using pen and paper like a bunch of luddite plebeians

Additionally, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the Beijing Health Kit app home page, you will see a new button: “My Nucleic Acid Testing Result.” Should you receive the test – which hopefully nobody has to do now that there are fewer and fewer cases in the city – this function will allow you to check your results.

If you still haven’t registered for the Health Kit, you can follow our handy instructions here.

Stay safe and healthy, Beijingers! 

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