Firmina Cardoso Gonçalves

Profession: Student

Category: Outstanding African Student In China

Nationality: Cape Verdean

Country base: Macao (China)

Achievements: 1. 12/2016 won the 2nd Runner-up of the 14th Shantou University English Festival Singing Competition;
2. 12/2017 won the Best Manner Award (In the  2nd In English Speech Show case of Macao Polytechnic Institute ) ;
3. 12/2017 won the Second Runner-Up(The sixteenth Macao-wide English Speech Contest &Twenty-third “21 Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition Macao Regional Contest);
4. 12/2017 won the Third Prize in the National Institute of English Speech Contest (FLTRP CUP Beijing);
5. 5/2018 won the Best Manner Award (In the  3rd In English Speech Show case of Macao Polytechnic Institute );
6. 5/2018 Advanced course certificate in Lingnan Culture( Jinan University);
7. 7/2018 Certificate of Honor (First Prize of Summer Social Practice for Chinese and Foreign Teachers and Students in Tsinghua University Education for Poverty Alleviation);
8.  8/2018 won The Outstanding Debate / Speaker Scholarship.

Bio. I’m a 4th year Cape Verdean student, studying International Chinese Education in Macao since August 2016. Language is my passion, and I want to learn as many languages as I can, because for me learning a new language not only widens your knowledge about other cultures, but it’s also a universal and cultural hug it brings humanity closer, it helps us grow, it is like opening a window for mutual learning. I’m a poetry lover, I write my own poetry and I hope one day I can launch my own book.

My motto is “Be a bridge not to separate but to connect nations and its people”. 


Facebook: Firmina Gonçalves

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