Nationality: Tanzanian
Place of birth: Zanzibar Mobile: +8618600422902

  1. Master Student: China Women’s University 2018 -2020 (Studying in Women’s Leadership and Social Development)
  2. Vice President: Tanzanian Students and living in Beijing (TZSUB) 2019- 2020
  3. District Medical officer: West ‘A’ District Zanzibar Tanzania 2017-2018
  4. Clinician and Counseling psychologist: Mental Hospital Zanzibar Tanzania: 2014 – 2017
  5. District TB/HIV Coordinator under PATH USAID TB/HIV Program Tanzania: 2010 – 2013
  6. Government employee as a Clinical officer in the ministry of health Zanzibar: 2003 – 2020
     Studying
     Attended in classes to finish course works for almost one year from September 2018 – September 2019
     Social networking
     Joined in different social media groups like; theBeijinger Wodaukou Watch(29/3/2019), in this web they profile a different Beijing based student from abroad each week to hear about their life experiences in China’s capital. The app also can provide different information to foreigners including health, sports, entertainment and internship.
     WeChat groups like; Friends all the World in Beijing, Power 2019/2020 VIP China, DUAPA Global Community, TCM Health Talks, IN KITCHEN(The test of Indian food), PAUSA Friends of Africa, Women for Impact Conference, Beijing International football club, Student Event in Haidian &WDK (192), ZBRA 2019 NEW YEAR PARTY, International Friendship team, Belt and Road Youth alliance.
     Attended in Programs activities like meetings and tours to explore China development to share ideas and experiences between deferent people across the world and sharing to others ;
     Cirrus Program (LGA_ZBRA) 2019 (Yaguo Medical) provides recruitment information’s specifically with artificial air way management and respiratory treatment around the world, provides job opportunities(Internship fair for international Students, Foreign students walk into Haidian events, International students exploring Haidian to learning about Chinese culture, make friends, science and technology and visiting enterprises)
     EAcham5 program – Expo China 2019 “one belt and one road”
     China – German innovation and development summit forum conference (5 Dec 2019 at Shunyi district Beijing
     26 Nov 2019, 2019 International Conference on Gender Equality and Cooperate Social Responsibility- Embassy of Sweden Beijing.
     Safety and emergency industry Expo and innovation Forum, exhibit products in disaster management (Nov 7-9 2019, at Changchun- Jilin Province
     Establishment of International football club in Beijing under the supports of ZENTEC Construction Group Beijing (25 Nov 2019)
     Attended on Women for impact Conference Beijing (02 Nov 2019)
     Established of 2019 SADAC countries football competition in Beijing, also to stand front in Tanzanian team as supporter in SADAC Cup competition 20th Oct 2019.
     Attended on China annual conference for international education (Workshop on elderly education in the theme of modernization of education to elderly, senior citizens – 19 Oct 2019 National Conference Beijing
     Attended on International cultural days conducted in different university in Beijing to share cultural experiences and social networking
     Visited admitted patients in hospital to exchange knowledge of health care services like oxygen therapy.

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