Profession: Big Data Analytic Researcher

Category nominated: Outstanding African Student in China

Company or Stage name: Burundian Student Association in Beijing

City: Beijing

Country Base: China

Nationality: Burundian

Achievements/Bio/Profile: As a International Student in China at North China Electric  Power University and Arts and Culture Affairs  Responsible , I’ve managed all my effort to organize different activities and events and promote African Culture especially East African Countries like Burundi, Rwanda and DRC at my Campus.

I also have been involved and committed in the implementation of different projects of empowerment and leadership of my community living abroad especially those in Beijing in order to help each other and work together as one for the development of our Country by answering this question “ What New or What am I able to bring as innovation in my country?”

Instagram: Regis Renaud Dusabe

FaceBook: Regis Renaud Dusabe

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