Mileny Venoni Amilcar Zita

NAME : Mileny Venoni Amilcar Zita

COMPANY : Venoni

PROFFESSION : Finance and Tax Specialist

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Award of  Creativity and enterprise and  Outstanding African Hair care Enterprise


CITY : Bangalore


NATIONALITY : Mozambican


-Founder of Venoni CoVeda

Vice-President of the -Federation of International Students Association

INSTAGRAM : @MilenyVenoni

FACEBOOK : Mileny Venoni

TWITTER : @mileny_venoni


Graduated September, 2021 with Master Degree of Commerce from the University of Mysore, India,

Finance and International Tax specialist.

Vice-President of the Federation of International Students Association-Mysore.

Has 7 years’ experience working as a hairstylist specialised on Afro-Textured hair, encourages and teaches women on how to care for their natural hair with simple and easy regimen.

Founder of Venoni CoVeda, founded in 2022, with the mission to create a hair care line with natural products that cater for the needs of  Afro-textured hair where all the products are chemical free and Vegan.

“ As a proud African woman my hair is part of who I am and it’s not to be hidden but to be celebrated with that in mind I am on a mission to care and help other African women to gain the confidence to embrace their natural beauty and pride”.


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