Popularly known as KANAALA

I am a recording artist mainly doing Afro genres  and Hip hop.

My country of origin is Ghana (West Africa)

I’m currently based in The People’s Republic of China, Beijing

Activities ØA high school music and drama teacher in Beijing. Ø Currently has two(2) Studio Albums to my credit with over 15 songs. ØChanging the narrative of Africans living in China through music Ø Composing songs and recording music. Ø Performing  with live band or DJ accompanied . ØFirst major live band concert in Beijing Organized by FAAJI HOUSE at  

     the New World Hotel on September 24th 2021. Ø Vocal recording engineer with DAW skills. ØFreestyle rapper, singer and vocalist. v Currently has 8 official music videos to my credit. vOver  5 international collaborations with sound engineers and artists collectively. v Interviewed by international media house STARTIMES in 2021 v Performed in over 15 clubs, pubs, and bars in Beijing

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