Pride of Africa Awards 2021 Nominees


COMPANY : Xi’an Monem Technology Co., Ltd (XMTech)

PROFFESSION : PhD Candidate and CEO of XMTech


  1. Youth Development Award
  2. Volunteer of the year Award
  3. African Women of The Year

COMPANY NAME : Xi’an Monem Technology Co., Ltd (XMTech)

CITY : Wuhan




Professional life:

  1. C.E.O of Xi’an Monem Technology Co.,Ltd
  2. C.E.O of LoyRoy Cosmetics
  3. Co-founder and Director of Legal Affairs of CrunchFood
  4. Executive Assistant in charge of legal and foreign affairs at SeedInnovation
  5. Reviewer at the Journal of Global Humanities and Social Sciences (ISSN:2737-5374)
  6. Speaker/coach at Frenpreneurs

Associative life:

  • Legal Clinic Department facilitator in African Law Student’s Association (ALSA)
  • Vice-president Woman and Child (WAC) Association
  • Vice-President Central Africa for the Organization of African Academic Doctors OAAD
  • President of the Cameroonian Association in Wuhan
  • Chairwoman of the Administrative Council of the Association of Cameroonian Student in China
  • Leader of Alumni Affairs Department of the International Student Union

in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

  1. Volunteer content writer for  FCAFA (Federation of China-Africa Friendship Association)
  2. Vice-President of the United Africans of Wuhan
  3. Volunteer Chapter Director Rythmino
  4. 3D (Different, Distinct, Distinguished) Africa Youth Chapter Human Resource Director
  5. Spokesperson for Global Youth Training Program (GYTP)

Awards Won:

  1. Promotion Ambassador of Super Start
  2. Myhomie Campus Ambassador
  3. Excellent volunteer at the Jiufeng Community
  4. First place winner of the Xi’an Pitch Competition
  5. Second Prize winner in the CUG Mother’s Day Activity
  6. Third Price Oral winner at the Fourth International Students’ Ecology and Environment Forum 2021
  7. Faith Fragrance Best Sales Agent

FACEBOOK : Abdoulaye Babette

Website :


Akhayie Mamat Abdoulaye is from Cameroon, lawyer specialized in business law as her primary specialty, she is currently a PhD candidate in Land Resource Management at the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). Her objective, to integrate the environment into entrepreneurship for effective, efficient and effective development: Green Entrepreneurship and Conscious Entrepreneurship. She wants to make life easier around her by using her expertise to protect people and their environment, to innovate and create a lifestyle. Through OAAD, her aim is to make OAAD known in all Africa, especially in most French speaking countries in Africa, in order to help increase the reputation of African researchers.

Through her hard work, her rigor and her sense of detail on law issues, Abdoulaye became in 2018 the youngest consultant in the SEED Innovation ecosystem where she evolves as an executive assistant in charge of legal and foreign affairs. Very active and passionate, she also positions herself in the company to manage the supplier portfolio for the SQUARES Solution: A distribution ecosystem that aims to modernize and open the African market to the world.

In 2020, Abdoulaye Babette, does not let herself be tied up by the health pandemic and launches her online cosmetic store 《LoyRoy Cosmetics, to send a strong message: Do not let yourself be defeated, take care of yourself, be the best version of you and together we will rebuild this world.

In the same approach, she accompanies as co-owner of the fundraising campaign of the project 《CrunchFood: An innovative concept of fast food, which offers Africans to look at food from a new angle. An initiative propelled by Curtis KAKEU’s Innovation’s Hub in its approach to building the largest project incubator in Africa.

Humanist, philanthropist and dedicated to the cause of the less privileged, Abdoulaye is an active member of several charities and associations.

Bearing in mind her primary duty to her continent and homeland, she is the president of the Cameroonian Association in Wuhan. She also manages human resources at 《3D Africa Youth》Cameroon’s Chapter, an organization registered with the African Union that aims to encourage African youth to be Different, Distinct and Distinguished.

“Protect your body, protect your environment and you will be in the ideal conditions to innovate and make things happen”. Abdoulaye Akhayie Mamat


  • Posted March 20, 2022
    by Nyamizi

    I had an opportunity to work with Babette, very kind and hard working girl, hope you will win this award my dear friend, go for it girl💪💪

    • Posted March 22, 2022
      by Abdoulaye Babette

      Thank you dear

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