NAME : Alain Daniel Yando

COMPANY : Guangzhou Yando International Trade Co.,Ltd

PROFFESSION : CEO of Guangzhou Yando International Trade Co., Ltd

CATEGORY NOMINATED :  African Man of the year and Outstanding Achievement in Business

COMPANY NAME : Guangzhou Yando International Trade Co., Ltd

CITY : Guangzhou



ACHIEVEMENTS : Founder and Members of many Associations. CEO of 2 Companies.


FACEBOOK : ( Alain Yando )

( Guangzhou yando International Trade )


Website :

Bio: Mr. Alain Daniel Yando is Cameroonian and residing in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.

He is the President of China Cameroon Business Association ( CCBA )

He is the Founder and CEO of Guangzhou Yando International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Founder and CEO of Yando Group Company Sarl.

He is also a Digital Trade Consultant for many companies around the world, as well as being the Strategic and Commercial Director for 3CM Cameroon Sarl in the past.

He has excellent organization skills in business, and has Certificates of Achievement of Chinese Language and Culture from the Guangzhou Jinan University in China.

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