Dennis B. Zinnah, Jr.

Dennis B. Zinnah, Jr . (丹尼斯)

                Candidate for Masters in International Relations

                                                        Peking University’s School of International Studies, Beijing

                          Nationality: Liberian 利比里亚人

Dennis is a Masters candidate for International Relations at Peking University’s School of International Studies; with research interest in Sino-Africa Relations and Energy Diplomacy. He is the Founder of DTECHSOLAR; an intermediary solar energy start-up that designs Photovoltaic modules and distributes solar products to urban and rural   regions in West Africa. Awarded in 2020 by the Chinese Ministry of Education as Outstanding International Student in China, Dennis also holds the golden prize from the 2020 Provincial Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition in Zhejiang. He currently serves as General Secretary for Asia Affairs of the Economic and Trade Cooperation of African Youth (ETCAY), executing administrative duties in China and as head of the Asian Secretariat. He leads the general network correspondence relating to the administration of the organization while seeking the interest of African youths in Asia. Dennis is a lover of music and passionate about Africa’s Development. 

丹尼斯是北京大学国际关系学院国际关系硕士研究生;研究方向为中非关系和能源外交。他是 DTECHSOLAR 的创始人;一家中间太阳能初创公司,设计光伏组件并将太阳能产品分销到西非的城市和农村地区。丹尼斯于2020年被中国教育部评为中国优秀留学生,还获得了2020年浙江省双创大赛金奖。他目前担任非洲青年经贸合作组织(ETCAY)亚洲事务秘书长,在中国执行行政职务,并担任亚洲秘书处负责人。他领导与该组织管理有关的一般网络通信,同时寻求亚洲非洲青年的兴趣。丹尼斯是一位音   乐爱好者,对非洲的发展充满热情。

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