Dr Mejury Chipato

NAME: Dr Mejury Chipato

PROFESSION: Medical Doctor, Microbiologist, Businesswoman,

Country: Zimbabwe

Country Base: China

Category Nominated: Outstanding Achievement in Business & Young Author Award


She is the founder of Patience of Hope Foundation, a non-profit charity organization whose aim is to pay school fees for underprivileged children. Under her organization, they managed to pay school fees for many students in different remote areas in Zimbabwe, in both Primary and Secondary Schools. Moreover they provided food and groceries to the poor families in the ghetto community where she grew up, the community of Mbare, in Harare, Zimbabwe during the peak period of Covid 19 pandemic. They also participated in giving donations to orphanage homes including the Sharma Orphanage Home in Zimbabwe. Not only that, they visited an Old people’s home in China, in the city of Guangzhou, where she resided, with groceries and clothes for the old people.

She is the author of the Book Titled : l’m in Charge of My Narrative, which is a memoir of resilience written to inspire and encourage people of different backgrounds, cultures and religion not to give up in life. The major issues being addressed in the book are themes of resilience and overcoming ones seeming limitations and environmental challenges. This is a book that highlights lessons learned in the journey with a view to giving people from all walks of life the gift of perspective and a point of reference. The book has been featured globally including on The Diaspora Times Global, The World News, China-Africa Magazine, Mt Kenya Times, France-24.com News, Spain 24.com News, Indonesia-24.com News, Ethiopia-24.com News, Zambia Book Publishing Newswire, The Herald News -Zimbabwe, The Sunday Mail – Zimbabwe, The Standard – Zimbabwe, African Writer’s Table, The International Woman, All Net Africa, etc. It is available in China, Zimbabwe and on Amazon.

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