NAME: Joseph Attuquaye Clottey (Jack 45)

PROFESSION: Afro pop musician / football coach

CATEGORY NOMINATED:  Outstanding Achievement in Music & Outstanding Achievement in Media

CITY : Shanghai



ACHIEVEMENTS :  I have lived in three countries in Asia , Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and currently in CHINA, Shanghai as an Afro pop singer and a football coach . Me as a football coach I have been able to train thousands of kids around Asia which some are currently playing in their national teams i have won most tournaments and

leagues for clubs and schools etc.

In my music career i have released many hits songs like TOO MANY GIRLS which won song of the year in Shanghai, TCL

personality award, also Nana Ama , YES I DO , Ding Dong bell, RACISM and many more , my objectives of producing all this song is to help project Africa’s name high In Asia and other places. I try my best to contribute to anything African

through my music, by also performing for them in programmes to lift the African flag high. Any of our African

communities that ask for my services or songs for promoting their items or something else I give them my permission for

free of charge just to support them.

I have been able to use my music to unite so many people and also preach the good things about Africa to people. In

2019 when the corona virus start i was able to write a song about it to create an awareness in Africa and also to the

world to show them how to prevent themselves from getting the Corona virus. The songs were everywhere in Africa, and some part of the world through friends and fans who shared the music that’s was the happiest thing that happened

to me and opened a lot of opportunities for me both Africa and beyond I was so proud of my self.

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