NAME : Qiuying Li

COMPANY : Tianchao Business Investigation Co.,Ltd.

PROFFESSION : Consultant

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Friend of Africa of the Year

COMPANY NAME : Tianchao Busienss Investigation Co., Ltd.

CITY : Beijing



ACHIEVEMENTS : Led many trips for Chinese groups in different African countries, showed my people that Africa is not as what it was shown only on the media network, there are more to see and do. Currently working with some cultural exchange program between Chinese students and the African embassies.

INSTAGRAM : uyi_lee

Bio:  A job opportunity occurred to me seven years ago and brought me to South Africa and all over Africa. From then on, Africa lives inside of me, being party of me. I love that continent and its rich culture. Simply speaking, I am a Chinese person that has an African soul, and I am willing to do more from the network between China and Africa.

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  • Posted March 22, 2022
    by Tony

    Uyi for the win !!

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