Ria Raadwijk

NAME : Ria Raadwijk

COMPANY : IDIFA (I Do It For Africa)

PROFESSION : ceo/ founder IDIFA  trader interior designer

CATEGORY NOMINATED : friend of Africa


CITY : Beijing


NATIONALITY : Dutch/Surinamese

ACHIEVEMENTS :  Passion for Africa!

When asked what I do for Africa,

I will answer I spread passion for Africa.

My story with Africa in China started in 2012 when my dear friend the deputy Ambassador of Nigeria his excellency mr Onadipe encouraged and facilitated me to start an NGO and business in Nigeria. I traveled twice to Nigeria 2012 and 2013. Places explored Lagos Kweme kingdom and Badagry,  It lead to me opening the Caribbean high bar/ restaurant gallery in China ( 2013-2015) the premise had a  typical Caribbean Afro African style interior and art work from African artist. The goal was to turn the place in an African Center. Where African diasporas can meet to brainstorm support and create positive impacts for Africa

in 2015 IDIFA ( I Do It For Africa) was founded… the organization’s goal is to promote  African art, Culture and lifestyle and to build greater awareness in the Caribbean black community where I was born.

In the years following I Participated in numerous exhibitions across China spreading my passion for African in an innovative way, through lectures about the IDIFA crossborder project to drive from China to Africa 54 countries, to produce a documentary on African culture. It lead to many local Chinese visiting African countries as tourist or investors.

IDIFA has also participated in some competitions and won a 3e price in a speech contest. A poem about China and Africa

I am very active in the community

Organizing at least 1 event each year, or volunteer and do my best to support  numerous African events and organizations. An executive board member of Several African organizations like CAN (Conscious African Network.

A very vocal Lady on wechat in a lot of African groups and a huge contact list trying hard to keep the community informed about the latest news and laws in China to stay positive, proud and tall of who and what we are.

Also always ready to share my experience with the students and members of the African Diaspora, to lend an ear. Sometimes this  encourages people and leads to mayor breakthroughs.

I am also advocating for an African art and culture center in Beijing …

I am not an African because I was born in Africa…

I am an African because Africa was born in me!

Bio: my life journey started in Suriname and took me through 6 countries: Dutch Antilles, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Hungary and China.

My education I did in the Netherlands Bc in business Administration. (SPD I+II) through IBW institute.

Interior design in the Budapest University.I followed numerous free courses online, Anything that got my interest from law history

art culture medicine agriculture etc.. it gave me a multifaceted knowledge about various industries…

Also I love exploring new cultures and countries ( traveled to 79 countries)

I have been in Beijing 20 years during the years I visited almost all provinces of China and in 2020 I drove to 18 provinces by car with my dear golden dog Fafa to produce the documentary I am in China now. ( the first section of the IDIFA documentary)

At the moment I am preparing for the final stages to start the journey from China to Africa 54 countries to produce the a Documentary about African art and Culture…

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