Tina Tendai Makuku

NAME : Tina Tendai Makuku

COMPANY : Chariots Handmaydz



COMPANY NAME : Chariots Handmaydz

CITY : Beijing


NATIONALITY : Zimbabwean

ACHIEVEMENTS : 1.Pride of Africa Asia Pacific Awards Community Champion 2019 Award Winner 2. Pride of Africa  Asia Pacific Awards African Woman of the Year Nominee 2019, 3. Zim Achievers Designer of the Year Award Nominee, 4.Zim Achiever’s awards Cultural Ambassador Nominee, 5 We have worked with women in different communities providing start up capital, food packages and workshops through our foundation People at Heart, We have managed to build an early childhood center that carters for the development of children in the Rusape community. At this center we enroll 4-6 children that enter our education program whereby they get educational support. We have set up a milling plant that will provide jobs to widows and orphans( above the legal working age) in the community. Profit proceeds from this factory will go towards women and children empowerment programs. Our main goal is to create an equal opportunity for women and children to be able to have a sustainable lifestyle.

INSTAGRAM : ChariotsHandmaydz84

FACEBOOK : Tendai Makaya, ChariotsHandmaydz

Website :  chariots-lionbay.org, peopleatheart.org, peopletreasure.org

Bio:Tina Tendai Makuku Makaya is the Founder of Chariots Handmaydz and People at Heart Foundation. She is also an African Themed Jewelry designer based in Beijing. Her unique African designs showcase the beauty of her African culture. Tina is also the Director of Maguta Milling Company based in Zimbabwe. She is a motivational speaker and an author of the Books “Boldly Take the Step “and “Staying Connected”. Through her organization, Tina seeks to create equal opportunities for women and children through empowerment programs. These programs help marginalized women and children reach their fullest potential.


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