NAME : Violet Avoid Madzikanda

COMPANY :Avylet Studios

PROFFESSION : Filmmaker and Journalist

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Outstanding Achievement in Media

COMPANY NAME : Avylet Studios

CITY : Beijing



ACHIEVEMENTS : Trending music video Andy Muridzo Malowe  Best monologue Presentations award and Best Script Writing award 2021 (China Film Group Corporation)                                 

INSTAGRAM : Avylet Studios

FACEBOOK : Avylet Studios


Website :  N/A.                                         Bio                                        Violet Avoid Madzikanda is a 31 year old filmmaker who grew up in the Ghetto and aspired to be like the  privileged one she saw on TV .         Her passion for the arts led her to  start  auditioning for presenting jobs and acting roles at the age of 14 .                                                         Because she was too young at the time she was often told to come back when she was a bit older. After landing a few jobs in the industry, the idea of owning a production house came . She finally mages to do so 15 years later leading to the Beijing based Avylet Studios. Avylet Studios is mainly doing commercials and music videos as of now because of  Covid 19 restrictions it’s impossible to leave China for shooting.  She draws her inspiration from Tyler Perry.            

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