Chariots Handmaydz

NAME : Chariots Handmaydz

COMPANY : Chariots Handmaydz

PROFFESSION : African Themed Jewelry Making Organization

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Charity Fundraiser

COMPANY NAME : Chariots Handmaydz

CITY : Beijing

COUNTRY BASE : Zimbabwe/ China

ACHIEVEMENTS : Р1. Supporting a group of 20 women for 6 months during the start of Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 as well as mask distribution to old people’s home. 2. Building an early Childhood center and creating an educational program for children. 3.Working with women by offering support for them to start small businesses 4. Assisting with women that required funds to complete their education (academic and skills training) 4. Hosting women conferences and workshops that mentor women in different categories. 6. Raising funds to set up a milling plant that will create job opportunities for women and children ( above legal working age) Proceeds from the mill will go towards more sustainable projects as well as empowerment programs for women and children.

INSTAGRAM : ChariotsHandmaydz84

FACEBOOK : ChariotsHandmaydz


Website :,

Bio: Chariots Handmaydz is an organization that makes African Themed jewelry and accessories. Chariots was created to equip and empower women in different communities to reach their fullest God given potential despite their ethnicity, background or race. Profit proceeds from jewelry sales go towards these programs that include Women in Education , Women in Business, Chariots Education Program for Children, Orphanage visits, prison visits, mentorship programs and setting up sustainable projects in different communities. Chariots works hand in hand with their foundation People at Heart.

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