NAME : Chipo Tracyhappy Munjeri

COMPANY :Sunrise foundation

PROFESSION :  CEO Sunrise Foundation, counselor and Teacher

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Charity fundraiser of the year

COMPANY NAME : Sunrise Foundation

CITY : Shenzhen



ACHIEVEMENTS :was awarded a certificate of  History makers in South Africa.2013.

INSTAGRAM : Sunrisefoundation

FACEBOOK : Sunrisefoundationhappy


Website : Sunrisefoundationhappy 

Bio:Chipo Munjeri She is a Philanthropist founder and Chief Exercutive officer of Sunrise foundation Africa. An Author of three bestselling books Surviving the Agony of Shame, Unstoppable kindness and power of a Prayer. In her many profile titles thousands call her “Tracyhappy “for her zeal to see all people from all walks of life completely happy and liberated from self-hate and Shame. On the onset of Covid she pioneered the movement “one act of kindness with love can change the entire world”. Which underpins all Tracyhappy’s endeavors past present and future. (2014) was awarded a certificate of history makers in South Africa.2021 was nominated  as a female personality of the year

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