•Lets Talk Medicine (LTM), was founded  early 2020 by DR Stpehen Akiti  with the  maximum support of  Wenzhou Medical University Postgraduate Network in association with the School Of International Studies (SIS). LTM is run by a team of dedicated students with high innovative abilities and knowledge . Our  core mandates are  health promotion , education , mentorship and medical volunteerism in both foreigners and chinese. Our programs and events are both onsite and online so to enable participants in Wenzhou , its environs and other parts of the world to participate. •ACTIVITIES •Annual Hepatitis B Seminars •Annual World AIDS Day •Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Day •Annual World Femine Health Day •Mentorship Programs •Medical student’s practical sessions (Reading Chest X-rays , ECG , CPR , Trauma care ) • Sickcell Awareness Day vPartners : Alberta University -WMU , UNAIDS ,Wenzhou Women volunteer’s club , First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University , House of Medics UK , GL radio •

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