My South African Shop

My South African Shop’ was founded in 2020 during a verychallenging time for many people worldwide. We knew thatSouth Africans and other expats living and working in Chinawere in desperate need of a “Taste of Home.” ‘My South AfricanShop’ was built on this principle – to make the Africanhousehold brands available to every expat living in Chinathrough excellent and reliable service and introduce the “Tasteof Home” to our host Country. A superb delivery infrastructurein China and the social media platform WeChat helped makethis dream a reality. We were able to reach expats and deliver a”Taste of Home” to each clients’ doorstep, reaching even thefurthest corners of China. We trust that ‘My South African Shop’will reach the heart of every South African and help ensure thatevery client experiences a “Taste of Home

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