Wesuhuna Pearson

NAME: Wesuhuna Pearson

COMPANY: Black Asia Magazine

Profession : Founder and Editor In Chief

CATEGORY NOMINATED: Outstanding Achievement in Arts & Culture

Outstanding Achievement in Media and Award of Creativity and Enterprise




 For the past 5 years I have been the founder and chief editor of BlackAsiaMagazine.com. Our platform exists to enhance communication and share resources between different Black communities throughout Asia.

 This has been a marvelous adventure. Over my time living here, I have had the chance to see Black communities here grow and develop to a certain degree. I have some negative situations and some very positive situations. In any case, I witnessed a need for increased communication regarding issues that uniquely face black people in this part of the world. We certainly have grown since we began. At different points we have had representation, from vloggers and writers, all over Asia. We have collected a wealth of experiences and resources. These resources serve to benefit anyone who could use them. They are also shining jewels that will aid our children in knowing who we are at this time.

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