Commonly known as KANAALA

COMPANY : Peking Affiliated Experimental School

PROFFESSION : Teacher, Musician, Content creator

CATEGORY NOMINATED :  African Man of The Year

                                                African Personality of The Year

                                                Volunteer of The Year

COMPANY NAME :  Peking Affiliated Experimental School

CITY : Beijing



INSTAGRAM : Kanaala_official

FACEBOOK : Kanaala Percy

TWITTER : Kanaala

Website :  


 Popularly known as KANAALA

I am a recording artist, song writer, teacher and a content creator.

My country of origin is Ghana (West Africa) Born on 25th July, 1989.

I’m currently based in The People’s Republic of China, Beijing

More about me

ØA high school music and drama teacher in Beijing.

ØA certified music channel on YouTube

ØCurrently focused on changing the narrative and the perception of Asians especially the Chinese people through educative contents.

ØI have over 150 videos purposely engineered to let people know more about the true nature of Africa and Africans.

Ø Currently has two(2) Studio Albums to my credit with over 15 songs.

ØComposing songs and recording music.

Ø Performing  with live band or DJ accompanied .

ØFirst major live band concert in Beijing Organized by FAAJI HOUSE at  

     the New World Hotel on September 24th 2021.

Ø Vocal recording engineer with DAW skills.

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