NAME: Gift Mona

PROFFESSION: Media personnel

CATEGORY NOMINATED:  Outstanding Achievement in Media Award

CITY: Beijing


NATIONALITY: South African


  • Student Convention Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.A.
  • Nominated at the South African MTN Radio Awards (Best
  • Nighttime Show)
  • BA Theatre Production University of Pretoria
  • Media and Communications at OnCue Communications
  • Board TEFL Certificate
  • TKT Young learners Certificate
  • TKT Module 1 Certificate
  • Best TV shopping channel award 2020 Kenya
  • Best TV program Nigeria 2020
  • Nominated for ‘My Beijing Award’ 2021
  • Coordinator and Producer ‘The Chat Room’ Series: COP26 2021
  • Coordinator and Director ‘The Chat Room’ Series: Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics 2022
  • Main Feature on Silk Road Youth Forum article ‘From thought to Reality’ 2022


  • Director Ping Art Productions
  • Manager Daphlet Trading PTY Ltd.
  • TV Host StarTimes headquarters
  •  English script editor at StarTimes Beijing headquarters
  • Producer and Project Manager ‘StarTimes Go’ at StarTimes
  • TV Host CGTN headquarters
  • Director livestream and broadcasting CGTN headquarters
  • Copy editor new media CGTN headquarters (content on all CGTN digital platforms)
  • Director and Content producer ‘The Chat Room’ Series
  • Host and Co-Producer CGTN ‘Fields of Hope’
  • Director and Producer CGTN ‘What’s the Talk?’
  • Event organizer and coordinator Beijing Chesanyama, CoolOut Sessions,

Chili & Lime

INSTAGRAM: @giftmona

Bio: Hailing from South Africa as a media professional currently working at a global television network, Gift Mona always strives to showcase different people’s stories. He is proudly African and believes in positioning himself in spaces of influence in order to create African representation and showcase the beauty, talent and intellect of African people on a global scale. Gift Mona is driven by the following quote: “There is no passion to be found in playing small-in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”- Nelson Mandela

Passionate about travel, Gift Mona has had the opportunity of travelling to various countries and nations, while understanding the importance of cultural exchange. This has influenced his pioneering spirit of generating platforms, ideas and content that allow people from all walks of life to engage, share and interact.  

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