Charmaine Ka Makhaya

NAME :  Charmaine ka Makhaya

COMPANY :Mappfields Agricultural consulting Company

PROFFESSION : Consultant/ educator

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Community organization of the year and Business innovator of the year

CITY : Zhuhai


NATIONALITY : South African

ACHIEVEMENTS : Empowerment of African youth participation in the agricultural industry through a series of webinars and consulting opportunities.

INSTAGRAM : Mappfields 2.0

FACEBOOK : Mappfields

Website / link:


Working to empower African youth in the diaspora to be involved in African agricultural development. Changing the perceptions of agriculture and providing education to the youth through agricultural consulting and webinars. I am passionate about the agricultural industry and want to see the perception of agriculture changed to include more youth in agricultural projects. I have a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics and management and have been involved in the agricultural sector for more than 10 years. I received awards during my schooling years such as the PMA produce market association young talent scholarship an the agribiz awards in South Africa. I have published an article on Foods journal and many others on our LinkedIn page. I believe in developing women and empowering them, that’s why we offer internships in China to women and are currently working towards starting our Mappfields Scholarship awards to support young Africans in their pursuit of agricultural education.

Our mission is to empower African youth in agriculture through education, innovation, and technology.

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