Adegboyega Temitayo Ayodeji


Producer, Director, Head Cinematographer at Diplomontage Productions.

Doctorate student at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

Category Nominated:

Outstanding Achievement in Media.

Award of Creativity and Enterprise.

Outstanding Achievement in Arts and Culture.

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts.



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Temitayo is the founder, producer, and head cinematographer of Diplomontage, a film production company. He worked as an associate consultant and marketing manager at a multi-national performance consulting firm where he gained most of his professional experience which he leverages on today in his professional endeavors. Temitayo got his bachelor’s in Economics, an M.Sc. in International Business, and soon, a Ph.D. in International Trade. Upon realization of the cultural gap and lack of information that exists on both ends (Asia and Africa), Temitayo began and continues to strive to fill in the blanks wherever possible using media, visual arts, and cultural exchange as viable mediums to enlighten. Temitayo is proud to be African and will continue to impact value the true African way.


(Media, Visual Arts)

  • Creator Partner Program (Original Content), Tencent WeChat.
  • Creative consultant for African visuals, Foreign Affairs Office Jiangxi Province.
  • Sole African representative, 48-hour film festival, Shanghai, 2022.
  • Producer, Director, & Cinematographer, “Zero Covid documentary” – Xinhua News, 2022.
  • Producer, Director & Cinematographer, “Africa day commercial” – China Africa Council Jiangxi, 2022.
  • Producer, “OUTEAST PODCAST” – Apple, YouTube, Google, Spotify, WeChat, 2022.
  • Producer, “RED TEKK” – YouTube, Google, 2022.
  • Producer, Director, & Cinematographer, “Life during Covid” – Xinhua News, Jiangxi News, 2022.
  • Director & Cinematographer, “China Russia Bilateral relations” – Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangxi & Heilongjiang Province, 2021.
  • Producer, Director & Cinematographer, “China’s 100 Year Anniversary” – Jiangxi Foreign Affairs Office, 2021.
  • Director & Cinematographer, “Chinese Bridge” Cultural Exchange Project, 2021.
  • Co-Director, “The World falls silent, China” – GOFILMIT, UK, 2020.
  • Other press features; Xinhua global news, China’s Peoples Daily, Jiangxi News, CGTN, etc.

(Arts & Culture)

  • Co-Founder, African Agency in China.
  • Cultural Consultant, Jiangxi China – Africa Council.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Global Young Leaders Dialogue “Cross Cultural Communication” CCG Annual Forum, 2022.
  • Ambassador & Member, GYLD, Centre for China & Globalization, 2023.
  • Speaker and Panelist, One Belt One Road Forum – China & Africa, 2022.
  • Co-Host, “The Impact of Feminism on Africa and Africans” Webinar, 2022.
  • International delegation, European American Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2022.
  • Facilitator, “Cultural Awareness & Differences” seminar, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, 2021.
  • Delegation, “China and the UN: 50 Years and beyond”, 2021.
  • Speaker & Delegate, Jiangxi Province Multicultural Exchange Forum, 2021.
  • Cultural Ambassador, Zhi & Xing Guizhou Silk Road Youth Exchange Program, 2021.
  • Facilitator, “Using the Art of War by Sun Tzu in Business”, 2021.
  • Contributor, “Chinese Bridge” Cultural Exchange Project, 2021.
  • Global Young Leaders Dialogue, China Tour, 2021.
  • Speaker and Panelist, The 5th China Africa Youth Festival, 2020.
  • Speaker and Panelist, The Second ‘Belt and Road” Jiangxi Open Economic Forum, 2020.
  • China’s Solidarity & Friendship award, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, 2020.
  • Cultural Talent Representative, Jiangxi TV end of the year show, 2020.
  • Observer, “Qiaoting Poverty Alleviation Program”, 2020.
  • Host, Nigerian ambassador at the International Cultural festival Jiangxi, 2020.

(Academic Honors)

  • 2022 Excellent International Student.
  • 2021 Global Town Hall Delegate, Indonesia.
  • 2021 CSC Government Scholarship.
  • 2020 Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship.
  • 2020 Excellent International Graduate Award.
  • 2020 Excellent International Student Award.
  • 2020 Best Graduating Student, MIB Class.
  • 2018 Outstanding Delegate Award, UN Model Conference.

(Academic Publications)

Journal: North American Academic Research.

  • The impact of business factors on weapons trade from the US to Saudi Arabia. (December 2021).
  • Business factors impacting the trade of Weapons (January, 2022).
  • The impact of infrastructure on FDI in Nigeria. (March 2022).
  • Nigeria and its FDI flow (April 2022).


  • Vice President, International Student Union, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.
  • President, International Students Volunteer Team, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.
  • Facilitator and Panelist, “Understanding Culture in Trade” China Africa Belt and Road Initiative, 2022.
  • Member, OAAD Global African Family, 2023.

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