Chris-Ray Ofoso

I’m Mireku Chris-Ray Ofosu. A Ghanaian

  • Bachelors of Education, Environmental and Social Studies (Univiresity of Cape Coast-Ghana)
  • Masters in Environmental Science and Engineering- Suzhou University of Science and Technology.(China)Majored in Environmental Engineering

Researched into solid waste management (Plastic waste)

Researched on PVC+SBS  modified asphalt  for road pavement (Road Engineering Research Center -SUSTS)

Article Published:

Benefits of Desalinated Seawater Supply Networks for Sustainability in China (June,2021)

Works with Wanjia International Language company

Portraying The Beauty of Africa by sensitizing ,Educating others of the beauty Mama Africa, by sharing positive images, stories, rich history and tourism. The project  helps to eradicate the bad  perception of Africa (Africa Stereotype) .

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