COMPANY : Lelemall



COMPANY NAME : 上海乌黄信息服务有限公司

CITY : Shanghai





FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/lelemalls/?ref=pages_you_manage

Website :  www.lelemalls.com


lelemall is an online shopping marketplace that allows users to offer, sell and buy just about anything in a variety of pricing formats and locations. We provide deeper and greater access to the different production houses. Many producers and sellers of great quality products can’t get their products visible in China and on the global shelf. We create that trusted link between production houses, especially China with the rest of the world, especially Africa. In a way, we want African products visible on the global shelf as well, a way to spark creativity, boost employment and general development.

 With China’s globalization, many foreigners have chosen China as their second homes and have been representing most businesses and individuals in their home countries here in China, buying for them or selling for them. Local platforms do not give them the opportunity to gain exposure In China and abroad. lelemall is just a place for them to grow in business. Another option for the Chinese companies and individuals  to sell and buy desired products from within and outside China. Become real business persons. Buyers can look for and buy just the right product nearest to them and without language difficulties.

We are a part of the modern day smart logistics which makes delivery of products from afar and even from just a nearby supermarket, unbelievable timely.                                                          

lelemall makes available products in nearest supermarkets, shops and factories to be easily searched, bought and smartly delivered to your home to satisfy immediate need. We use a lot of smart services to meet up with payments,logistics, location and language requirements.

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