NAME : Melody Zekey Pand (Zekey Media )

PROFFESSION : Media Personality

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Outstanding Achievement in Media

CITY : Beijing


NATIONALITY : Zimbabwean

*INSTAGRAM : Zekey Media

FACEBOOK : Zekey Media

TWITTER : @MediaZekey

Website :   



*Founder and Chief Editor of iAfrica24

*Founder of Zekey Media Inc. offering publicity, media strategy campaigns and more

* Researcher, Features writer and China  correspondent for LensAfricinternational 

 *Designer and Assessor of Integrated Learning Programs

* Spokesperson and Information & Publicity Personnel for Touchdown. FEAD

*Radio Co-host Political Thetre

*Social and Corporate Hostess / Public Speaker

* Copy editor House of Livella Communications.

* Showbiz Television presenter

*• Editor-in- chief of The Achieve official Newsletter Wainyu

*Coordinator and Producer ‘iAfrica24 Talk’

*Social and Political commentator

* Media team for Zim Warriors China FC

* Media Coordinator Road and Belt Forum for Green Energy Alln.

*Social Media Marketing strategist

*Zim Achievers Professional of the Year – China Edition 2021

* Honorary Award for Information and Publicity by BIGC 2020

* Honorary Award for Hosting Road and Belt Technology Fair by Gaiyun HiTech 2018

* Fashion Model, video vixen and Brand ambassador


A media personality with a multiple-faceted background. Tv presenter. Public Speaker. MC . Publicist. News Reporter. Socialite.  She has a vast experience in frontline China-Africa media representation. She has participated in the promotion of African socio cultural, trade and economic interests among Chinese entrepreneurs and investors exploring African continent. She is a research journalist and correspondent for LensAfrikInternational China. Covers diplomatic events and Southern African news. She has established a great working relationship with different Chinese companies with visitations, profiling and reporting in English. Zekey actively serves the Zimbabwean community in Information dissemination and was instrumental during Covid-19 pandemic giving timely updates to Zimbabwean media houses. To this effect she was separately awarded an Honorary Award for reporting and spreading awareness during the pandemic by Beijing Institute ofGraphic Communication. She has since established an African news site where her features are directly published as original picked from spots. She runs an Online lifestyle magazine too. Via her live streaming platforms, she has tackled several issues particularly those of affecting African youths.

She features as an actress ineducationalvideas by Bei. Zekey also works with Zimbabwean upcoming artists in Marketing and Publicity and different organisations in Communication department. As a socialite, Zekey is easy to notice because of her bubbly personality, great sense of style emboding her Africa beauty and mainly as an eloquent communicator both in intellectual or social environments. She is a social and corporate MC. As an extra she is a great soccer analysist.

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