NAME : Ruphine Manaweh Harmon

PROFESSION : Young Achievers Award

CATEGORY NOMINATED :  Corporate Achievement Awards

CITY : Shanghai



INSTAGRAM : ruphine_harmon

FACEBOOK : Ruphine Harmon


 I am a student at Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Throughout my studies in China, I’ve worked cordially with other African Students to organize several programs aimed at promoting the uniqueness of African Cultures. To mention a few, I was involved in the planning of the 2019 African Day. At that event, every African country was represented, and we all showcased our unique traditions and cuisines. I was named the Best African Attire winner for the year. In addition, I worked with other Africans to organize the first Light Up Africa initiative, which was held in August 2020.

As a Liberian, I’ve been actively involved in the execution of numerous leadership and empowerment programs within the Liberian Student Union in China (LSUIC) to ensure that I continue to give back to my community despite living abroad. Because of my selfless service and dedication to the Liberian Community in China, I was one of the honorees of the LSUIC Appreciation of Service Award in July of 2022. My communicative and collaborative attributes also made me eligible to serve as the Co-Chair on the Academic Excellence Committee (AEC) of the Liberian Student Union in China (LSUIC), where I worked closely with my fellow committee members to organize Academic Seminars, Debates, and other educational programs.

I am a servant leader, and my passion for leadership and teambuilding keeps me involved in several activities and programs that support and create safe spaces for people, especially young people, to learn, grow and thrive. Aware of the many challenges international students face here in China as they go through their studies, I established an initiative called “Every Penny Counts” to generate funds for underprivileged students. The organization has aided 10 – 15 students since 2021.

I currently own a YouTube Channel which has reached about 1,000 subscribers. The channel name is Ruphine Harmon, and the contents posted on the channel are educative, informative, and inspirational. The channel’s goal is to assist and encourage everyone to feel, know, and realize that their definition of success is attainable.

In addition, I am the Brand Ambassador of Natural Growth. Natural Growth is a haircare and skincare brand that aims to solve the haircare and skincare problems that people with different hair and skin types face. Serving as an Ambassador for Natural Growth for a year has allowed me to improve my teamwork and communication skills.

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