Marvellous Manyepera

NAME : Marvellous Manyepera

COMPANY : Original Human Hair Garage
PROFFESSION : Operations Manager

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Life time Achievement Award OR
Creativity & Enterprise

CITY : Dubai

COUNTRY BASE : United Arab Emirates

NATIONALITY : Zimbabwean

ACHIEVEMENTS : Nominated Best upcoming female entrepreneur of the year 2022 (World Pulse)

INSTAGRAM : @dubaihairshop

FACEBOOK : Dubaihairshop

TWITTER : dubaihairshop

Website :

Marvellous Manyepera

Born in Zimbabwe mid 90s Ms. Marvellous Manyepera Co-Founder and Operations Manager of Dubai Hair Shop legally known as The Human Hair Magic Garage obtained a Diploma in Hospitality & Events Management at the university of South Africa in 2011.

This was shortly after she fell pregnant and dropped out of high school to become a young jobless mother.

She fought guns blazing against all odds to become the serial entrepreneur she has become today when she took a leap of faith and moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2012 as a low paid Hotel receptionist in Bur Dubai.

6 years later her zeal to achieve her goals to the fullest potential made her risk her lifetime savings into investing into a 1 year firm and joined forces with her now Business Partner Clarah Manyepera. The firm had only been existing for 1 year. Both women had similar visionary eyes and goals. Their Beauty Cosmetics company’s vision was to entirely cater for women’s needs without discrimination, bias or stereotype.

As she learnt over the years that beauty is everything when it comes to a woman’s confidence, self esteem and mental well-being, she took it upon herself to work closely with some of the best dermatologist in Dubai with the origins of India, Tunisia and East Africa to develop a cosmetic line called Magnificent who’s products has taken a positive toll in the beauty industry as far as skin care is concerned.

Magnificent carries the skincare and Perfumes Scent Collection.

On the other hand Dubai hair shop mainly supports and helps every woman achieve the hair they desire ‘’ As we are licenced by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce to sell Human Hair and beauty requisitions we also support cancer and Alopecia patients by offering them half price rates on units of their choice’’

I decided to open this one stop shop Original Human Hair Garage after I had realised that not only cancer patients emotionally required hair extensions BUT ALL WOMEN DO.

Considering the number of times we all visit our hair salons or hair dressers and the feeling of fulfilment we feel the first week after our hair is done. Business ideas are never ending, all you just have to do is identify a problem and find a solution, then take that solution to the bank.

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