PL Ayurveda

COMPANY NAME : PL Ayurveda,formulating and cosmetic company.

PROFFESSION : Formulator and seller of Skincare and haircare products 

CATEGORY NOMINATED : Community Service Provider

CITY : Guangzhou 


NATIONALITY : Cameroonian 

INSTAGRAM : Pl_brandchina

FACEBOOK : PL Grateful Child


Website :  None for now. We solely sell on WeChat and Instagram.

Hi,I’m called Azongkoh Precious Dinnis Akwi(known as PL),from Cameroon. I got the name PL from PINK LIPBALM.I’m a female,a mother,a cosmetic formulator and seller. I’m 30years old.My products are made of 100% plant(AYURVEDA) and naturally derived cosmetic grade ingredients.

What inspired my business?

In 2017,I got pregnant with my baby girl while doing my degree program here in China.Being pregnant as a student wasn’t easy because I needed money in order to take care of my child and I. While living in the dormitory ,I decided to start something that could bring forth money so that I could prepare for my child’s birth. As a student in China,we’re not allowed to work so I decided to start a business. Fortunately for me,I had my last money which was 2000yuan. I know I’m good with business so I had to invest this 2000yuan into something that could generate more income. When I looked at those who did business then,no one sold a product that could change dark lips to pink. My lips were dark so I was insecured about it.By then,I used to follow a cosmetic seller who lived in the UK on instagram.She sold Lipbalm that could change dark lips to pink base on the reviews I saw. So I decided to take the risk and bought a few Lipbalm’s with the 2000rmb I had. I was so scared because what if the reviews she posted weren’t true,but I decided to follow my instinct. I bought 20 Lipbalms for 2000rmb. The day it arrived I was so happy because she didn’t scam me. I was also filled with anxiety of not knowing if the lipbalms actually worked.I decided to start testing the lip balm on my lips while showing people on my WeChat how the Lipbalm worked from day 1-7. By day 7, clients saw the drastic change in colour on my lips and decided to purchase the lipbalms. I sold 20 pieces within two weeks. I was super happy. Then I imported more lipbalms and the business was good since I was the only one selling such product in China at that time. I made so much  profit from it . That’s what helped to see me throughout my pregnancy,child bearing and sending my baby back to Cameroon when she was 3 months old.

After sending my baby home,I continued with my studies while selling the lip balm but at this time the business was slow because other people had started selling such product too. So I started thinking on what next I could do. Then I got the idea of selling hair growth oils because after giving birth,due to hormones,I had lost a lot of hair and my edges were scanty. I started searching for remedies to treat my hair then got in contact with an Indian seller who sells such products. I tested her products by making my own hair growth oil formula and the oil worked so well on my hair. Then,started showing clients my before and after photos . It was great so they started buying the oil. At this point I sold lip balm and hair growth oil. That’s from 2017-2019. By this time I was a YouTuber so I used to do several videos show casing my products.

In 2020,during covid ,business was slow since most people weren’t working. Also,by this time it was difficult for blacks in China to import their body lotions from Africa. Since I was doing diys on my YouTube channel,show casing how to treat African hair,I had the passion to formulate cosmetic products. I decided to learn how to formulate in an online school.I studied for 6 months in order to perfect my skills,whilst selling lip balm and hair growth oil.

After learning,I started formulating hair conditioners,shampoo,treatments,body lotions, and shower gels. I used them on myself and my friends for about 2 months. We didn’t have any irritations and our hair and skin thrived. At this point, I started introducing clients into my new products.The more clients bought,they more they wanted me to create other skincare and haircare products.When formulating these products,definitely all weren’t perfect but I was keen to clients complaints and kept adjusting my formulas to perfection.

My achievements:

Now in 2023, I’ve achieved over 53 perfect formulas. I make 53 different body and skincare products for women,men,and babies. The products I sell are for all genders,races and skin tones. I’ve clients of all races. I make all these products at home from buying raw materials,producing,filling,labeling,packaging and giving the delivery company to deliver to clients. I sell both in China and abroad. I’m so happy with all my achievements and I bless my clients for standing by me through it all. I still have clients from 2017-2023. How do I thank such clients? I bless them for not giving up on me and correcting me whenever they didn’t like a product.

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