Today’s Air China can trace its origins to 1988 when Air China International Corporation was established. In October 2002, based on an industry reform plan formulated by the central government, Air China International Corporation, China Aviation Corporation and China Southwest Airlines merged, and the surviving company was still called Air China International Corporation. In September 30, 2004, Air China International Corporation was rebranded as Air China Limited. In December 2004 Air China Limited became a publicly traded company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK: 0753) and London Stock Exchange (LSE: AIRC).
The corporate logo of Air China depicts phoenix, a legendary bird worshiped by the nation since ancient times as a symbol of luck and happiness. Chinese ancient literature contains constant references to the bird which “ flies from the eastern Happy Land over mountains and seas and bestows luck and happiness upon all parts of the world. ” With imagination stretched a bit, the way the logo is laid out recalls the English word “ VIP ” . The deep red color is used since it ’s associated with anything happy and lucky in Chinese culture. The message conveyed by the whole design is that Air China commits itself to promoting the development of the country ’s airline industry and offering pleasant travel experiences to passengers. For us, phoenix symbolizes a spirit. At the core of the “ Phoenix Spirit ” is the will to “ serve the world, to lead and move forward to higher goals. ” Our vision is to become “ A leading carrier in the world ” . Our mission stresses “ operational safety, customer orientation, steady growth, people development and fulfillment of responsibilities” . These values remind us that we should “ use a people-oriented approach to our business, take on social responsibilities, have the will to succeed and enjoy flying ” . Our brand positioning is to be “ a professional, trusted, internationally respected Chinese brand closely associated with China ” . The design also features the calligraphic version of Air China ’s Chinese name, a reproduction of the handwriting by late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, the architect of China ’s drastic social and economic transformation who laid the foundation for the country ’s economic power.

Air China is China ’s only national flag carrier and a member carrier of the world ’s largest airline network – Star Alliance. It was also the airline partner of the Olympics Beijing 2008. It is a Chinese carrier with the highest brand value in China ’s airline industry – Valued at CNY 167,876,000,000 by World Brand Lab in June 2019. We are in a leading position in China in terms of passenger transportation, cargo transportation and related services.

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