Name of Nominee:  Chenyi Roy Njuabe

Profession: Humanitarian and Development

Company: Branches of Hope

City: Hong Kong

Country of Resident: Hong Kong, China.

Country of Origin: Cameroon

Achievements: Successfully resettled refugees, reunite families,  provide employment opportunity to African, change public persecutions about African, provide education opportunities for refugees/African youth and children.



Category nominated for:  Community Champion


Roy Njuabe is from Cameroon and has been in Hong Kong for over 15 years. He is a humanitarian and development professional with a strong and proven history of advocating for better policies towards marginalized African and has growing successful humanitarian and development initiatives to empower refugees of African descent, raise awareness and advocate for social inclusion. He has presented statements to The Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) and organized public events that attract public attentions to the plight of refugees in Hong Kong. He has written and published numerous articles about the issues of refugees on newspapers, journals and magazines such as the Forced Migration Review of the University of Oxford. He attended and spoke at different Conferences around the world such as Justice Conference Asia and International Refugee Rights Conference, Toronto Canada.

As Refugee champion in Hong Kong, Roy has successfully resettled over 25 African refugees to Canada, US and New Zealand where they are working and contributing to their communities. Roy assist Refugees reunited with their families and love ones, empower refugees to become advocate for themselves and successfully changed public perceptions about refugees. He has contributed to enhance education opportunities for youth and children from Africa in Hong Kong.

Roy belief that life does not only ends on earth, but to eternity, so he devoted part of his work toward helping terminal ill refugees/Africans to receive proper pastoral care, counseling and love.  In a case where a refugee/African passed away without family member in Hong Kong, Roy will take on the responsibility to ensure that the body not abandoned, but successfully repatriated to their country of origin in Africa for a befitting burial.

Roy work to promotes the capabilities of Africans than their vulnerabilities; taping into their strength to ensure that they are recognized and treated as those who could contribute to the society than those who receive. His work has been widely appreciated by the African and refugees` community in Hong Kong, UNHCR, NGOs, Corporates, Private Businesses and other organizations.

He was recently appointed to be the Secretary General of Refugee Concern Network (RCN) Hong Kong which is the largest network of Refugees agencies in Hong Kong.

In his leisure time Roy love to play with kids, running around, roll over like a child, sing and watch children cartoons. Roy is a loving father of two little girls that make his every day joyful.


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