Name: Dennis Kwame Antwi
Profession: Brand Strategist
Category nominated: Business Innovator
Company: Lens of Kwame
City: Wuhan
Country Based: China
Nationality: Ghanaian
Achievements / Bio/Profile :

Purpose-driven Brand Strategist and Creative Director Kwame Antwi is a prolific coach and speaker on the subject of branding and entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of a branding and web design agency Dephlex Creatives and also the founder of a brand strategy & business coaching consultancy Lens of Kwame.

Kwame’s path into branding wasn’t traditional. He fell into it out of necessity. After suffering from a continuous burn out of trying to chase and grab any project that comes his way for the first 5 years of running his agency, he was forced to take a hard look at the way the agency was run and its brand as a whole. Kwame realized the model of the agency was a race to the bottom and it was just a matter of time for him to quit and close it down. Just as he was about to give up, he discovered Chris Do from the futur talk about Core Strategy Framework and also recommended the book The Brand Gap from Marty Neumeier then everything changed.

This insight caused him to rethink, get clarity of his brand, reposition and rebrand the agency. The strategy worked, and within a year the agency turned the corner and rocketed into growth mode. And in 2018 he launched his brand strategy and business coaching consultancy in addition to his branding & web design agency to focus exclusive on what he does today: help purpose- driven entrepreneurs build brands and businesses they love and deserve.

Through his agency and consultancy, Kwame has had the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs, as well as small-sized businesses, and found that having clarity, positioning and consistency of your brand is all that a business need to grow and succeed.

Kwame’s new projects are the two podcasts, The Brand & Business Lens and  The Agency Inside Out.

The Brand & Business Lens is a podcast where Kwame explores what it takes to build a brand & business you love and deserve.

The Agency Inside Out is a weekly honest and transparent conversation by the team at Dephlex on how they run their agency from operations, strategies, branding, design, marketing, team, clients, success and mistakes.

Kwame is currently working on a free online hub for all entrepreneurs in China.

You can  visit to know when the free online hub launches.

Instagram: lensofkwame
Facebook: lensofkwame
Twitter: lensofkwame

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