DoctorsInsight Africa

DII aims to provide Africans with a hassle-free healthcare
ADVISORY with a core focus on assisting them to properly manage
their health

To unite African Health Professionals, provide hassle-free medical
advisory to all Africans, and establish a better healthcare system in
every African country

DoctorsInsight Initiative provides the platform where doctors
can join hands, virtually, with other doctors to:
1. Offer free medical advisory to Africans in China and beyond
2. Organize monthly health radio talkshow on AdicNet to
educate people about their health
3. Organize and participate in medical conferences, webinar,
workshops, etc, to protect and promote good health.
4. Train local health workforce
5. Transfer skills and technology between China and Africa
6. Carry out charitable healthcare services like conducting free
surgeries, free HIV testing, donation of medical items, etc
7. Encourage medical personnel to volunteer on our website to
offer free medical advisory and answer medical related
8. Unite as a body to advance our healthcare system back home

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