Name:                  JESUS PIERROT(JP)

Surname/Family Name: GODOUA IMENDJI

Sex: Male

Nationality: Equatorial Guinea and Central Africa Republic

Date of birth: April 12,1991


Tel: 0086- 13051612551-15652729524  /


Work experience: WORK 7years in China

Degree: Master-Ph.D Entreprise Management-Business Administration



üI am dynamic, resourceful, result-oriented character with strong sense of motivation driven by desire to achieve set goals and objectives and effectively utilize available organizational resources for maximum performance. I have excellent technical and analytical skills, strong sense of charisma and good interpersonal skills tailored to create team spirit among colleagues to collectively face and successfully accomplish assigned duties and responsibilities.

üSpanish and French mother tongue, proficient in Chinese and English, all three languages can be used as a daily or professional communication language without barriers.

üI currently registered an international trading company, import and export products and analysis, economic and industrial development project development

üCooperation and exchange,Working for Chinese companies for many years, with foreign cooperation, negotiation ability, organization and coordination ability of various activities. Maintain good friendship with diplomats of embassies in China, especially African and Latin America embassies in china.

üGood teamwork ability, Inovation Capacity , serious work attitude, strong sense of responsibility, gentle personality and modesty; I have a high level of innovation, analysis and creativity.

ü Familiar with the humanities and environment of many countries, with good affinity and can communicate with people from all countries without barriers.

üLove doing business and business transactions , can adapt to any environment, good at finding subtle things, innovative, optimistic, helpful.

üAble to contribute to society and is useful to his country. Good at learning new things, learning continuously, and be good at challenging unfamiliar environment.

nAfter I came here, I learned all aspects of China, including education, science and technology, culture, society, labor, entrepreneurship, etc. later, I successfully registered and established my professional international trade companies in Shanghai and Beijing.

nThe company has a wide range of activities. I am trying to carry out various international cooperation activities while slowly developing this business.

nI started the company to realize my “Chinese dream”. My inspiration mainly comes from the “belt and road”, which emphasizes the relationship between China and overseas countries. My dream is to provide high-quality, cheap and high-quality Chinese products and services for overseas countries, recommend Chinese education and culture to schools in other countries, and help students learn Chinese and major in China.

nAt the same time, we also cooperate with Chinese companies to implement national development projects in Africa and other regions. We can learn a lot from the working ability and working attitude of the Chinese people, and we can also help our respective countries and bring them a lot of benefits.

  • Extremely organized person, Hospitable Person;
  • Responsibility, Self-respect and self-reliance;
  • Strong referential values of fairness, equity and dignity ;
  • Ability to establish and maintain good relationship with people of different national and cultural backgrounds;
  • Several voluntary activities to which I committed myself gave me the opportunity to help others.

ØI am very steadfast and earnest with sales experience. have a strong sense of responsibility and principled.

ØI have a good team spirit, it is easy to establish good communication with all kinds of personalities and quickly.

ØCatch the customer’s preference.I also have a good adaptability and able to complete work excellently.


vI have rich experience in silk road projects and industrial projects all over the world.

vAccording to the vision of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the silk road project is to improve and help the development path of other developing countries and directly help the development of the world.


Enjoy communicating with people of different cultures and exploring new things and places, such as  traveling, listening to music, watching movies, playing Video games, western and  Chinese food .

Social Media, watching movies, reading, cooking sometimes, travelling and making new friends


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    Jesus, when are you coming back?😊

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      lol. ahahahahaha soon. So give your life to Christ

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