Name: Isabelle Hannouche
Profession: Entrepreneur
Category nominated: Outstanding Achievement in Business
City: Shanghai
Country Base: China
Nationality: Senegalese
Achievements / Bio/Profile : Isabelle has been an entrepreneur in China since 2012. She is the Founder of Teranga Trade (2014), Wegoo2China (2014), co-founder of Teranga Valley (2018), Africa Tours & Business (2019) & Africelerate (2019).

Isabelle loves building up successful projects from scratch and gather people from different cultures and nationalities to make things happen!

She manages herself towards self-development and share the learned lessons with the community in order to lift up each other. Helping people and elevate the image of Africa are her primary passions.

HR at heart, Trader as a big part of her career, she never forgets where she comes from and has a contagious positivity and passion!


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