Name: Kingsley Mensah
Tag line: Server Admin/Web Designer
Category: Business Innovator of the year/Young Achievers Award
Company : Kingscel
City: Wuhan
Country Base: China
Nationality: Ghanaian
Achievements: 1. Built and manage websites for brands like Black Asia Magazine, KSTHL Labels Co., Ltd etc.
2. Provide cloud server infrastructure for Wuhan Nifu Network Technology Co., Ltd, Intelligence Pool, Purrps and many more.
3. Provide Domain registration services.
4. Was honored with, Star of Innovation Award from Hubei University of Technology(Outstanding Students).
Facebook: @kingsleymensah4
Twitter: @kmensah47
Bio: Young Entrepreneur | Server Admin | Web Designer | Anime freak | Veni Vidi Vici


I am privileged to be nominated for the Business Innovator of the year and Young Achievers Awards. My desire to help society is best realized when I use my talent to serve the needs of people in my society. My stay in Wuhan and my constant aspiration to use my talent to serve other has helped me gain experience and most importantly, I love what I do. I was humbled to be honoured with the star of innovation award in 2019, an award given to outstanding students’ of Hubei University of Technology.

Businesses are part of human culture to interact and enjoy the gifts of nature transformed to meet our needs. The face of doing business has changed over the years. Today, if not all, most business need online presence to enable them reach out to a large market base. The conventional media and advertisement is expensive and the internet has offered a space where a lot can be done for less. China and most countries in Asia are the hub of start-ups businesses, however, start-ups are faced with a lot of challenges and it includes giving their businesses online presence. In 2019 at the age of 25 I registered my second company, Wuhan Jiyadong Advertising Design Co., LTD (WJAD Co., Ltd), which is my way of helping brands/companies in Asia by leveraging on cutting-edge technologies to fuel their online presence and internet needs so that they can reach potential customers out there who is in need of their services and products. This we are able to create a win-win situation where everyone including start-ups.

Our services:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Secured Cloud Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing and advertisement
  • Brand Consultancy

What makes us progressive, is the do more spirit. Businesses and advertisement goes together as business people have to be creative every day to communicate what they do. This helps the customers know the kind of service business provide and then decided whether they need those services. I am passionate about serving the needs of businesses and desire to do more.



Brands in Asia we have worked with:

  • Wuhan Nifu Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • KSTHL Labels Co., Ltd
  • Black Asia Magazine
  • Intelligence Pool
  • Purrps
  • Eeluk
  • Sugo Trade
  • Ogogorod and more.



Awards :

  • Star of Innovation Award 2019 (Hubei University Of Technology, Outstanding Students )


My name is Kingsley Mensah from Ghana and I am the Founder/CEO of WJAD Co., Ltd (China) and also the CEO of  KINGSCEL (Ghana).

I will be glad if what I do would be given the necessary consideration for the Business Innovator of the year and Young Achievers Awards.

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