Brasswell Kubikisha is a self-taught artist from Lusaka, Zambia who has been living in Wuhan, China since 2016 as a mechanical engineering student at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

When he is not a student of the engineering world, he is an artist who has uniquely taught himself to master the use of pencil and charcoal drawing as well as digital illustration art. His artistic work is further complimented by his creative video editing abilities as he merges both skills to tell captivating stories. His work is heavily inspired by his Christian background as well as his belief that each individual has a valuable story to tell and must use whatever gifts they have at their disposal to tell it.

His work serves to encourage and inspire and has led him to share his passion with many through audiences such as the famous TEDx platform as a speaker.

At first glance of both his pencil and digital drawings, it is easy to notice the tremendous amount of detail and realism in his work, almost like looking at a photograph . Combining large scale and minute detailing techniques , he is able to create work that is captivating both from a distance and up-close with a compelling story to match. His most recent work was a tribute to a city he has called home for the past few years titled “WUHAN” as it faced tribulation due to the outbreak of the corona virus. He believes art should speak for itself and most importantly should grant hope , evoke thought and provide insight to its viewers.


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