Name: Uzapi Hange

Profession: PhD Student and Author

Category nominated: Outstanding Achievement in Arts and Culture

Company or Stage name: Uzapi Hange

City: Wuhan

Country base: China

Nationality: Botswana

Achievements: After going through an episode of depression due to events rooted in self-love deficiency, Uzapi Hange made a commitment to herself to inspire others to put their shame and guilt in a box and make it small. She sought out to throw out the prescribed path of happiness, and offer nuggets through which people can fill up their self-love tanks. Her book titled “Self-love is up there with Oxygen” launched in 2019, has afforded her much success in achieving this mandate. This is evidenced by the immense and lasting impact it has had on most people, as revealed by the following testimonials, just to mention a few;

“I am deeply encouraged by your courage to churn pain into power and use it to empower others-Stanlee Asasu (Author of Contemporary Leadership).

“This book is helping me confront and ask myself necessary questions about how I have been living my life. It’s a masterpiece, I am reading it for the third time now. Thank you for being so vulnerable with us, so much that it inspires us to be vulnerable with others as well. This is what LEADERSHIP is; influencing people to shift their way of thinking.” –Tuasee Kandjou (Author of the Best Version of You).

“When I read the last lines, I thought my kids and grandkids need to read this book. It is a great reminder to pay attention to self-love.” –Caro (Visual Artist)

Instagram: @uzapihange

Facebook: Uzapi Hange

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