Name: Vivian Mensah Osei

Nationality: Ghanaian

Current Place of Residence: Shanghai, China (for the past 6 years)

Company Location: Shanghai, China Nominated

NeVI (Nana.Ephya.Vivian.Impressions) designs and clothing arena is an all-inclusive store for customized, non-replicated, makeovers and stand-out African, Western, Japanese and Chinese accented designs for every occasion ranging from dinner exclusives, heart-warming summer wears to first date attractions. For the past two (2) years, we have experimented several materials, textiles and prints enabling us to make best decisions for our clientele on the right choice of materials and designs that perfectly fit the occasions for which we were engaged. Our core driving values of creativity, quality and excellence motivate us to reach a consensus between what a clientele desires and how tight their budget is. As an environmentally oriented fashion company also advocating for less pollution and the reduction in the risk of climate change, we offer up to five times of an absolutely incredible makeover of your wardrobe even on just one costume, thus increasing clients choices and changes at an absolutely low cost and furthermore reducing regular disposals which trickles down to ensuring environmental healthiness and sustainability. Our products range from AfriHoodies (African Styled Hoodies), AfriSweatshirts (African styled Sweatshirt), AfriClutchPrint (African Clutch and Print Designs), AfriCCessories (African styled dressing accessories), AfriWinter (African styled Winter Fur Shawl), AfriWrapTops (African styled wrap tops), AfriKimono (African Japanese styled wears), AfriHospitality (African styled simple wear for home and corporate hospitality), AfriSkirt (African styled skirts), AfriJacket (African styled half jackets), AfriVersatile (African styled prints worn in different ways) and AfriCustomize (African styled customised designs). Our clientele base who are from diverse nationalities are mostly based in China, UK, USA, Europe, and among the African community in China. Our Corporate Social Responsibility which is aimed at supporting young and upcoming African talents and ventures has seen our sponsorship in kind and cash to aimed at helping in the creation of a conducive and enabling environment for their growth in he communities we assessed and receive invitation from. Our business has grown from just providing services for clients in China to shipping some of our products to overseas. Our future aspiration is to develop an exclusive and highly viable African brand in the fashion industry here in China that is environmentally focused and to expand the business in employing more people, creating third party employment opportunities, strengthening corporate partnerships as well as setting up a training school to enhance technical and vocational training.

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