Pride Of Africa Awards

Anthony Ukam Unor

Erei Brightway Company Limited
ESL Professional, Business Consultant, and Community Leader.
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This profile illuminates the extraordinary contributions of Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor, a beacon of community empowerment and social justice advocacy. His tireless dedication to excellence and service renders him a fitting recipient of esteemed accolades.
Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor is renowned for his outstanding endeavors in community development and advocacy, transcending various domains in Thailand. As a seasoned champion of marginalized communities, he has initiated numerous impactful projects aimed at uplifting African communities and advancing social equity in Thailand. Notably, his scholarly pursuits have culminated in the publication of the groundbreaking book, “African Migration to Thailand,” shedding light on crucial issues and fostering inclusivity. Additionally, his efforts in rescuing African migrants from human traffickers demonstrate tangible change and empowerment.

Mr. Unor’s exceptional commitment to community welfare is underscored by his proactive initiatives, including the establishment of the EreiBrightway Job Board and the provision of voluntary consultations and mentoring services to African migrants. His advocacy extends to international platforms, exemplified by his presentation on African migrants’ experiences of racism and discrimination at the UHHCR in Geneva. Addressing multifaceted societal challenges, from education to environmental sustainability, Mr. Unor’s holistic approach garners widespread acclaim.
Anthony Unor Profile and Achievements

In a nutshell, Anthony Ukam Unor’s contributions span community development, advocacy, and scholarly pursuits, including the publication of “African Migration to Thailand.” He actively rescues African migrants from trafficking, initiates innovative projects like the EreiBrightway Job Board, and advocates for migrants’ rights internationally.

In recognition of his exemplary leadership and dedication to uplifting the African community, Mr. Unor emerges as a prime candidate for the prestigious title of African Man of the Year. His transformative endeavors resonate as a beacon of hope and inspiration, not only for African communities in Thailand but also across the globe.