Pride Of Africa Awards

Nominee Category: African Man of the Year


Dr. Idorenyin Polycarp Asuquo, is a radiologist and researcher currently working on the genetic disparities among lung cancer patients. He has collaborated with research teams from various Chinese Hospitals such as Beijing Shijitan Hospital affiliated Hospital of Capital Medical University, Shandong Qilu Hospital and Beijing 301 PLA General Hospital. In

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Anthony Ukam Unor

This profile illuminates the extraordinary contributions of Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor, a beacon of community empowerment and social justice advocacy. His tireless dedication to excellence and service renders him a fitting recipient of esteemed accolades.Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor is renowned for his outstanding endeavors in community development and advocacy, transcending

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Prof. Oussouby Sacko

rofessor Oussouby Sacko is honored to be considered for the prestigious Pride of Africa Asia Pacific Awards 2024 in multiple categories, recognizing his journey and contributions in the realm of education, academic achievement, and life-long dedication to fostering Africa-Asia relations. Born in Bamako, Mali, on May 26, 1966, Dr. Oussouby

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The Afroseas is a dynamic music group consisting of two talented artists from Africa, Supa Massie from Sierra Leone and Trisyo from Rwanda. Based in Hong Kong, their group name, “The Afroseas,” represents their mission to share African music and traditions with the rest of the world. Through their music,

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