Pride Of Africa Awards

Prof. Oussouby Sacko

Kyoto Seika University
Academic Professor
Country Base:
Mali / Japanese

rofessor Oussouby Sacko is honored to be considered for the prestigious Pride of Africa Asia Pacific Awards 2024 in multiple categories, recognizing his journey and contributions in the realm of education, academic achievement, and life-long dedication to fostering Africa-Asia relations. Born in Bamako, Mali, on May 26, 1966, Dr. Oussouby SACKO is a Professor of Architecture at Kyoto Seika University. He was Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Kyoto Seika University from April 2013 to March 2017, and its President from April 2018 to March 2022, the first elected president of a Japanese university of African or even foreign origin. His academic and professional pursuits have taken him across continents from Africa to Asia, culminating in a fulfilling career in Kyoto, Japan. He is also director of the Center for African-Asian Contemporary Cultural Studies (CAACCS), which he created under his presidency to take a different approach to Africa and research between Africa and Asia.

Over the last year, his work has focused on enhancing cultural understanding and academic exchange between Africa and Asia. As the director of the Center (CAACCS), he has spearheaded initiatives that deepen the dialogue between African and Asian scholars, exploring sustainable development, cultural exchange, and collaborative education. His role extends beyond academia into fostering a supportive network for the African Diaspora in Japan through the Association of the Africa Diaspora Network Japan (ADNJ), promoting mentorship, cultural exchange, and inclusivity. He is one of the pioneers of this Network that is working on building strong ties between Africa and Japan to promote mutual business partnerships.

His architectural work, deeply influenced by his African heritage and Japanese expertise, aims to revitalize communities through sustainable and inclusive design. He has led research and fieldwork in Japan, China, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, and Niger, focusing on the preservation of architectural heritage and community revitalization, thus bridging cultures and histories through architecture.

Educationally, he has been a proponent of multiculturalism and diversity, initiating programs that prepare students for a globalized world by incorporating global perspectives into the curriculum. His efforts have been towards creating an educational environment that not only respects but celebrates cultural diversity, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Africa in Japan and beyond.

As a speaker at international forums, he has advocated for the integration of African studies into the global academic discourse, emphasizing the continent’s rich history, culture, and contributions to global knowledge. His publications and lectures aim to correct misconceptions about Africa, promoting a balanced and nuanced understanding of the continent.

Recognitions like the ADNJ Award and the Architecture Award for the South Building of Kyoto University Museum attest to his commitment to excellence in his field. His affiliations with various architectural and cultural institutions underscore his dedication to using architecture and education as platforms for cultural diplomacy and social cohesion.

This nomination reflects not only his personal achievements but also the collective efforts of those who have supported him throughout his journey. He is deeply committed to continuing his work in promoting African culture, academic excellence, and mutual understanding in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.