Pride Of Africa Awards

Nominee Category: Social Impact and Community Service Award

Okyere Samuel

Sam Okyere, affectionately called ‘Sam’, is a Ghanaian TV and Entertainment personality living in Seoul, South Korea. Okyere is a polyglot with impeccable fluency in native Korean language, English, Twi (Ghanaian dialect), and French. He shot to fame after appearing on JTBC’s popular show, “Abnormal Summit,” endearing in the hearts

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Anthony Ukam Unor

This profile illuminates the extraordinary contributions of Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor, a beacon of community empowerment and social justice advocacy. His tireless dedication to excellence and service renders him a fitting recipient of esteemed accolades.Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor is renowned for his outstanding endeavors in community development and advocacy, transcending

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The Afroseas is a dynamic music group consisting of two talented artists from Africa, Supa Massie from Sierra Leone and Trisyo from Rwanda. Based in Hong Kong, their group name, “The Afroseas,” represents their mission to share African music and traditions with the rest of the world. Through their music,

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I have been married for 30 years and a mother of 5 children, one son and four daughters, a Corporate Lawyer by Profession with 12 years of experience in Administration and Human Resource Management. I hold a Master Degree in Business Law from the University of Benin in Lome (Togo),

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Fatou N’Doye

Fatou travelled to Australia in 1994 to join a Sydney based West African band where she performed for some five years. Fatou established the first professional African Hair Salon in Newtown, Sydney ‘Fatous Hair Architect’ that has inspired other African hair specialists across Australia for over 30 years. Fatou has

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(Waskam) Emelda Davis

(Waskam) Emelda Davis is of Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) and Caribbean descent as her father is from Grenada and played music across Australia since he arrived in 1957. Emelda is the first Black woman to serve as an elected Councilor for the City of Sydney in it’s 180 years.

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