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(Waskam) Emelda Davis

Founder Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson)
Founder Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson)
Country Base:
Australian South Sea Islander, Caribbean descent

(Waskam) Emelda Davis is of Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) and Caribbean descent as her father is from Grenada and played music across Australia since he arrived in 1957. Emelda is the first Black woman to serve as an elected Councilor for the City of Sydney in it’s 180 years. Emelda’s expertise in capacity building for social justice and human rights across marginalised communities has garnered state and federal government recognition. With an extensive career in media, entertainment, community building and cross cultural program development Emelda’s advocacy has been relentless for her Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities (CALD), ASSIs, Pacific and First Nations people. This work has extended to board representation for the International Sites of Conscience, United Nations speaker and International symposiums. Mentioning a few accolades  she has received NSW Woman of the Year, NSW International Human Rights Premiers Medal, Rotary Women of the Year and 2024 patron for ‘She Inspires Me’. Emelda say’s… “I have sought to leverage my expertise and insights to inform policy decisions, amplify marginalised voices, and foster meaningful collaborations. Whether advocating for climate justice, social housing, or indigenous rights, I remain steadfast in my dedication to creating a more equitable and inclusive society for all.”