Pride Of Africa Awards

Nominee Category: Community Champion Award


From 2022 to 2023, I served as the President of the Congolese Student Union in Wuhan, China. During this period, I also served as a representative for the principal of students in French-speaking countries. We participated in an event organized by the French Consulate in Wuhan to strengthen our connection

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Anthony Ukam Unor

This profile illuminates the extraordinary contributions of Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor, a beacon of community empowerment and social justice advocacy. His tireless dedication to excellence and service renders him a fitting recipient of esteemed accolades.Mr. Anthony Ukam Unor is renowned for his outstanding endeavors in community development and advocacy, transcending

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(Waskam) Emelda Davis

(Waskam) Emelda Davis is of Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) and Caribbean descent as her father is from Grenada and played music across Australia since he arrived in 1957. Emelda is the first Black woman to serve as an elected Councilor for the City of Sydney in it’s 180 years.

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