Pride Of Africa Awards


Country Base:

From 2022 to 2023, I served as the President of the Congolese Student Union in Wuhan, China. During this period, I also served as a representative for the principal of students in French-speaking countries. We participated in an event organized by the French Consulate in Wuhan to strengthen our connection with the local French-speaking community.

I also organized Independence Day for the Democratic Republic of Congo and invited student chairpersons from other countries to participate. The purpose is to strengthen our brotherly and cultural relationships and promote communication and mutual understanding among different student groups in Wuhan.

These actions help promote cultural diversity, strengthen connections between Congolese students and other communities, and celebrate important events for our countries. These actions made me speak out loudly, and due to my leadership skills, I was elected President of the All China Congolese’s Student Council. From December 2023-January 2024, I organized an entrepreneurship tournament for Congolese students in China; the theme: Unleashing Innovation for Social Progress, and the objective: Stimulate the application of entrepreneurial skills among Congolese students in China so that they can contribute to solving social problems and improving life in DRC.

Since August 2023, I have been the representative of students from the Democratic Republic of Congo in the field of diplomacy and good governance in China. I have negotiated with our Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in China to obtain rapid assistance on the issue of Congolese students, and this has been achieved. I also negotiated the participation of Congolese students in international forums and provided them with free exemptions for moving expenses or agricultural equipment. I accompanied the ambassador to train student candidates who applied to study in China. We organized the transfer and recovery for the first time at the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in China. I gave the community a phone number and a computer and registered our association nationwide, giving it legal personality since its establishment.

In the humanitarian field, in April last year, I launched an SOS to assist victims of rebel or armed group aggression in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as those displaced by land conflicts in the Greater Bandundu Province of the Kwamouth region. After the recent natural events, I also sent a message of encouragement to the Moroccans.

As a representative of Congolese students, I organized a meeting with the African Student President on future projects, as well as a conference on identity balance, attended by Her Excellency Ms. Solange, Ambassador of Cameroon, Ms. Louise, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as professors and female businessmen. I am the leader and initiator of French students and other student principals.

I am participating in the AFCON organized by African countries in Wuhan, where I am considered the best fan of the 2024 tournament and nicknamed “My Intention.”

When organizing our community, I carried out many activities and gained recognition from the judicial institutions of the Democratic Republic of Congo for our community. In terms of popularity and structure, we are an essential community in China. In the field of art and culture, I organized the 2024 CCFC Art and Culture Festival. This very successful event contributed to the visibility of our community and my leadership position in cultural management. We plan to hold another international competition with other countries in July.

In terms of media and communication, I have improved community media, which we have on WeChat channels, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…