Pride Of Africa Awards

Nominee Category: Outstanding Community Service Provider

Nsange Kapambwe

Embarking on a journey that began as a mere hobby in high school, my venture into the world of hair cutting has evolved into a thriving business over the span of 15 years. What initially started as a passion project slowly transitioned into a lucrative enterprise, culminating in the establishment

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Okyere Samuel

Sam Okyere, affectionately called ‘Sam’, is a Ghanaian TV and Entertainment personality living in Seoul, South Korea. Okyere is a polyglot with impeccable fluency in native Korean language, English, Twi (Ghanaian dialect), and French. He shot to fame after appearing on JTBC’s popular show, “Abnormal Summit,” endearing in the hearts

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Abiola Sulaiman Busari

Busari Global has been a trusted partner for companies sourcing and manufacturing products in China since 2012. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complex process of finding reliable suppliers, getting quality products manufactured, and shipping your goods globally. Our founder and CEO, Mr Busari

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