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Okyere Samuel

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Sam Okyere, affectionately called ‘Sam’, is a Ghanaian TV and Entertainment personality living in Seoul, South Korea.

Okyere is a polyglot with impeccable fluency in native Korean language, English, Twi (Ghanaian dialect), and French.

He shot to fame after appearing on JTBC’s popular show, “Abnormal Summit,” endearing in the hearts of many audiences, with his wits and joviality through the panel talk show. Since then, he has showcased his multi-talent and featured in reputable TV shows, radio shows, movies, drama, and reality TV programs on SBS, KBS, MBC, JTBC, MBN, and tvN.

As a public speaker, Sam has toured schools across Korea and lectured many young Koreans on acculturation, race and shared his experiences of navigating through Korean society as a person of color.

In 2017, he embarked on a philanthropic mission by partnering with World Vision to raise funds to build schools for under-resourced remote communities in Ghana.

He has also graced the Seoul Fashion Week runway for notable fashion brands. Sam’s vast portfolio also cuts across working with brands like Doota, FILA, KT, KOICA, Ban Ki-Moon Center, and the Ministry of Tourism, Ghana.

Okyere has served as an honorary brand ambassador for Yongsan District (a predominant expat district in Seoul) where he engaged with higher authorities on policies that could improve the quality of life of foreigners in the community.

Among some of the notable awards in his stash includes “Fashionista Award” at the 2019 Asia Model Awards, “Best Foreign Entertainer” at the 2018 First Brand Awards and “Global Star Award” at the 8th Korea Drama Awards, 2015. Additionally, he was named in the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list – Asia region for the entertainment category, acknowledging his contribution to the entertainment industry in Korea and Asia.

Okyere was conferred as an honorary member of the Korean Heritage Guardian in 2020. He, in this new role, aims to contribute immensely to the preservation of Korea’s cultural and historical heritage and more so, utilize his role as a Ghana Tourism Ambassador to deepen the cooperation between Ghana, Africa, and Korea.

In June 2021, Sam was appointed as an Honorary Ambassador for the Korea-Africa Foundation. Where he consults on all cultural events, programs regarding the promotion of African and Korean partnership and spreading of impactful African cultural values to the general Korean public.

Sam also works hand in hand with all the African embassies in Korea on a regular basis to push conversations around the elevation of the African experience and curate programs that highlight the positive impact and contributions of Africans in Korea.

He continues to use his influence to mitigate the misconceptions and stereotypes about people of color in Korea while creating opportunities for others to rise.


As a known public figure (TV personality / Actor) I have also used my social media platforms to raise awareness, advocate for the respect, inclusion, and regard of Africans in South Korea. I have given talks and lectures at schools, churches and community centers about the acceptance and integration of Africans into the Korean society and the need for them to be respected and treated equally as legal residents. I partnered with the African Youth Action forum (AYAF) where I serve currently as a board member and advocacy head to bring awareness to the challenges faced by the African youth in Korea such as immigration issues, unemployment due to race, low self-confidence due to structural and systematic roadblocks etc.

Our work is to empower the young African to know who they are and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed and become leaders of change in the Korean society. I have also collaborated with Korean agencies and NGOs such as Africa Insight who promote positive African narratives and challenge negative stereotypes about Africans and people of African descent to create socially harmonious events where Koreans get to mingle and interact with African people and experience African cultures. Such events allow the general Korean and foreign public to get a true sense of the pride and excellence of Africans and people of African descent in Korea.

I am also currently working with other young African professionals to create an African Business council in Korea to promote cross business opportunities between Korea and African countries. This we believe will create employment and other important career avenues for young Africans studying and working in Korea to elevate themselves and contribute significantly to Korea and their respective African communities. At the very core of my work is to be a bridge between Africa and Korea and together with relevant stakeholders, promote cooperation socially, culturally, academically, and economically.

Additionally, I work with legal firms and government agencies like Korea Africa Foundation to bring more awareness and carve out policies and social programs that encourage the respect of rights of Africans, includes Africans in decision making and recognizes the contributions of Africans to the Korean society.


Seoul Yak Ryeong Si – Cultural and Tourism Honorary Ambassador2013
8th Korea Drama awards – Global star award2015
Humanity plaque for Black history month2015
Yongsan district honorary ambassador2016
K smile campaign ambassador2016
Forbes 30 under 30 Asia2017
Ghana tourism ambassador2018
Korea Cultural Heritage Administration – Haeri Scout Honorary ambassador2018
Ansan Greeners FC – Multicultural Honorary Ambassador2018
First brand awards – Best foreign Entertainer2019
Asia Model awards – Fashionista award2019
Seoul E Land FC honorary Ambassador2020
Korean Heritage Guardians Honorary Ambassador2020
Ho Chi Minh Labor cultural Center / KMVA – Humanity Volunteer Award2021
Han Ki Bum Hope Sharing Foundation – Talent Donation Star Award2021
UN habitat for a better Urban future appreciation certificate2022
Korean Multicultural Volunteer Association – (Volunteering) Achievement award2023
Korean Multicultural Volunteer Association – Honorary Ambassador2023