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MAMAN FLO SALON (Beijing Pretty Beauty Image Design Co., Ltd)
Country Base:
Cote d’Ivoire

My name is FIENI AMAN FLORENCE I am owner of a beauty hair salon. From the beginning, I came to China because my brother was working in the country, so when I arrived here, I automatically loved the country, so I decided to stay in the country and start my passion which is hairdressing style that I started from primary school after class. When I arrived at Beijing ten (10) years ago, I started by doing it at home freely for my friends and family. After a while, friends and family advised me to run a business of hairstyle salon. Things ran step by step with a small space of 40 square meter. It was very hard at this period because of the bills, the life …, I could not speak a word of mandarin and I was alone dealing with all the different difficulties of living in China. Therefore, as an entrepreneur’s life you know I had to face it proudly and try to grow up in the business and now my new salon is more than 90 square meters. I keep working hardly every day with a goal to open a lot of salons in the country firstly and why not in the rest of the world. Despite the difficulties I try to move up to bigger and bigger space and employ workers. Moreover, I did an interview documentary with CCTV about my activity and my life in Beijing in October 2023. This is the link below: << De Abidjan a Beijing, Une destinee bien tressee.>>